What to do if you are facing Redundancy

In our experience you can and often do find yourself facing the loss of your job through redundancy with little or no warning.

What you need to do

The first thing you should do if you have been advised there are to be Redundancies is take a deep breath and don't rush to resign or send off emails to your employer which you might later regret.

Then you should seek advice from us. We have assisted countless numbers of people who have been suddenly advised they are redundant. 

You may have to go through a formal process of redundancy consultations. We can advise you how to approach these stressful meetings and what to say and do. 

You may have turned up at work one morning to be faced with an Administrator or Liquidator who tells you the company has ceased trading. If you have not been warned of this you have several claims which you maybe entitled to make.

In a Redundancy situation time is of the essence so don't delay in seeking our help. Call today on 07709343201

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I entitled to if I am made Redundant?

You are entitled to a Redundancy payment if you have two or more years complete service with your current employer. This will be calculated using your age and years service. It is capped at an annual weekly pay limit which is altered annually in April of each year.

My Employer has ceased trading what do I do?

If you have had no prior warning of your company's insolvency you can make a claim to the Employment Tribunal for lack of consultation. If an Administrator, Liquidator or Receiver has been appointed their representative should provide you with forms to make a claim to the Government's redundancy payment scheme to get a payment. However, sometimes this will not happen. You will require advice on what to do in this situation.

How long to I have to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal?

You normally have six months less one day to take a claim for redundancy to an Employment Tribunal. However, we recommend that you don't delay in seeking advice on whether or not you have a claim. Call on 07709343201 or email