Settlement Agreements


Settlement Agreements

These documents are becoming much more common to agree someone's departure from employment. If you are offered a 'Protected Conversation' and it is suggested you might wish to consider entering into a Settlement Agreement you need advice from us now.

We often are consulted by clients after they have been offered such agreements but have unfortunately all ready agreed in principle to accept what the employmer has offered. If you are offered a Settlement Agreement consult us first by calling us or emailing us. We will be able to advise you on whether or not what is on offer is fair or not. Often we renegotiate the terms for you to ensure you are obtaining the best offer for your circumstances. 

Don't delay call us or email today.


Do I have to accept what is offered to me? 

No, very often the first offer in a Settlement Agreement is not the best one for you for a variety of reasons. Contact us and we will advise you.

How much will it cost?

Your employers should be meeting the costs for such an agreement. 

What's the timescales for completion?

We aim to resolve Settlement Agreements within seven days from receiving an instruction to signing off the final agreement

What do I need to do if I receive the offer of an Agreement? 

Contact us without delay by email or phone at or call 07709343201